MONTEC® mounting material

Tested - and outstandingly suitable for all cases

Always exactly the right thing for sink or fitting connections, electrical installation, pipe and line connections: MONTEC® offers anything and everything that is needed! MONTEC® offers fast, well thought-out solutions down to the last detail, with reliable accessories and important installation aids, especially for the special challenges that arise "behind the scenes"!


72 products
Adjusting pipe, white
Product number: 1051018
  • Drain pipe
Extension pipe, white
Product number: 1051020
  • Drain pipe
Flanged pipe, straight, chrome
Product number: 1051038
  • Drain pipe
HTR transition pipe short, NW 50/40
Product number: 1053025
  • Drain pipe
  • Material: polypropylene
HTR transition pipe, NW 50/40
Product number: 1053031
  • Drain pipe
  • Material: polypropylene
Installation set-1A, set 8-part
Product number: 1050022
  • Installation set
Installation set-2, set 5-part
Product number: 1050028
  • Installation set
Installation set-3, set 10-part
Product number: 1051063
  • Installation set
Installation set-3A, set 10-part
Product number: 1050063
  • Installation set
Installation set-4, set 12-part
Product number: 1051064
  • Installation set
Installation set-4A, set 12-part
Product number: 1050064
  • Installation set
Installation set-5, set 7-part
Product number: 1051014
  • Installation set
Installation set-5A, set 7-part
Product number: 1050014
  • Installation set
Installation set-6, set 6-part
Product number: 5030010
  • Installation set
Installation set-8, set 7-part
Product number: 1051072
  • Installation set
Installation set-8A, set 7-part
Product number: 1050072
  • Installation set
Lubricant, tube 150 g
Product number: 1053022
  • Accessory
  • 0,15 l
Odour trap 2, flexible, Connecting sleeve Ø 40/50 mm
Product number: 1051161
  • Siphon
  • Material: plastic
Odour trap, flat, DN 40 white
Product number: 1051065
  • Siphon
Pipe odour trap, white
Product number: 1051059
  • Drain pipe