Odour trap, flat, DN 40 white
With the flat trap, the waste water hose from the washing machine or dishwasher can be connected to the waste water system in a space-saving way. The siphon is only 45 mm deep and can be conveniently mounted on the wall. The drain pipe runs horizontally. The white appliance siphon is equipped with a sealed hose fitting at a 45° angle and suitable fixing screws. The drain fitting is tested according to DIN 19541.

For the drain hose of washing machines or dishwashers.
— wall mounting
— drain pipe horizontal
— fixing screws
— hose connection 45°
tested according to DIN 19541

Article type:
Diameter/nominal width (DN):
DN 40
Horizontal drain pipe:
Intended use:
For the waste water hose of washing machines or dishwashers
More parts:
fixing screws
Wall mounting


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