Cubo rear panel lighting set, incl. 600 mm Cubo rear panel, black matt
With the Cubo back wall lighting set, the Cubo shelving system can be effectively staged. The equipment includes a triangular LED lamp that radiates downwards and spreads a beautiful light atmosphere. The brightness can be adjusted individually with the dimming function. The light colour can also be regulated according to personal preferences from warm white to cool white (2,700 - 6-500 K). Thanks to the magnetic fastening, the lighting can be attached to the kitchen shelf quickly and easily. The set is compatible with the LIC LED system, which means that it can be switched with other luminaires via converters and control units, making it suitable for completely individual lighting concepts.

Triangular colour change LED lamp with magnetic fixation illuminating downwards. With 300/600/900 mm Cubo rear panels sets.
— 7.8 watt per metre
— continuous control of the light colour from 2700 K warm white to 6500 K cold white
— memory function: the last setting is stored
— dimmer function: brightness continuously dimmable
— max. 85 lumen/watt at 6500 K cold white
— 1800 mm supply line with mini-plug-in system
— cable outlet rear right
— LIC LED system compatible
converters are not included in the scope of delivery
This product contains a light source of energy efficiency class F.

More information about the LIC LED system

Article type:
Shelf system
Cable outlet:
cable outlet rear right side
black matt
Colour temperature:
2700 K warm white to 6500 K cold white
Colour temperature adjustable:
Dimming function (composite):
Yes, brightness continuously dimmable
Discontinued item:
Energy efficiency class:
13 mm
Illuminant included:
Illuminant type:
LIC system compatible:
Length of the supply line (primary):
1.800 mm
Light output in lumen:
max. 85 lumen/watt at 6500 K cold white
Memory function:
More parts:
incl. 600 mm Cubo rear panel
Wall mounting, magnetic fixation
Plug-in system:
with mini plug-in system
Transformer / converter required:
Yes, must be ordered separately
Type of dimming:
brightness continuously dimmable
19 mm


Motion switch, white
Product number: 7061278
  • Switch
6 variations available
FW function converter, module 2 (radio), 60 W, 6-way distributor
Product number: 7061273
  • 60 watts
  • radio
  • Luminaire slots: 6
6 variations available
FW function converter, module 2 (radio), 30 W, 6-way distributor
Product number: 7061271
  • 30 watts
  • radio
  • Luminaire slots: 6
Branco radio remote control, silver
Product number: 7062091
  • Remote control
  • radio
6 variations available
2 variations available
230 volt connecting line, L 300 mm, white
Product number: 7061284
  • Connection line/element
  • Length: 300 mm
LED connection line, white, L 2000 mm
Product number: 7061049
  • with mini plug-in system
  • Connecting element
  • Length: 2.000 mm
LIC Home Base Module, System component, white
Product number: 7061288
  • System component
  • 1.000 mm
  • 230 VAC / 5 V
6 variations available
Distributor 6-fold, black
Product number: 7061244
  • Distributor
  • 200 mm
2 variations available
230 volt connecting line, L 1000 mm, white
Product number: 7061279
  • Connection line/element
  • Length: 1.000 mm
6 variations available
6 variations available
FW function converter, module 2 (radio), 15 W, 4-way distributor
Product number: 7061286
  • 15 watts
  • radio
  • Luminaire slots: 4


Lighting design without compromise with LUMICA® LIC LED system!

Control light in a targeted manner. Ideally adjust brightness and light color. Call up complete lighting scenarios at the touch of a button, smartphone or voice control. Flexibly expand installations or adapt them to new furnishing situations.


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