Inspiration needs fresh ideas, expert advice and in turbulent times a high degree of consistency. Top quality, excellent design and reliable service are the anchor points of Naber’s growing kitchen accessories range.

The newly published general catalogue, consisting of the folders 1 BASICS, 2 TECH and 3 INTERIEUR, is valid from 1 April 2023 to 31 December 2024. Because Naber focuses on sustainability aspects in all its activities, there are a few more changes as compared to previous practice:

For the first time, the folders in the print version of the new catalogue do not have year numbers. If the range is expanded during the validity period, the users of the printed catalogues will be sent supplementary inserts which can be added to the folders.

The decision to remove price information from the Naber catalogue is also based on the desire to lower resource consumption in favour of ecologically oriented management. If required, the current price lists enclosed with the new general catalogue will be replaced with new lists.

Kitchen experts who are registered in the dealer portal on naber.com have the quickest and easiest access to the current kitchen accessories catalogue including all price information. In the protected area of the Naber online shop, the digital version of the catalogue is available for download in PDF format. Prospective customers and end users will find clearly structured information on all accessory products in the Naber ranges whenever they need it at naber.com.

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Naber catalogues 2023