With the latest edition of its kitchen accessories catalogue, Naber is delivering a new burst of inspiration for the perfect kitchen. It is valid from 1 April 2024. Specialist retailers can look forward to a host of new products and stable prices in the various product ranges. In response to many customer requests, all the items are again shown directly with prices.

For reasons of sustainability, the three green folders can also still be used for the full printed kitchen accessories directory. Naber sends out the complete new catalogue set without folder covers and asks you to replace the previous pages. Deliveries will start at the beginning to middle of March.

Reducing resource consumption together

To make the catalogue service even more sustainable, we need the active support of our customers and partners. The more kitchen retailers use digital instead of printed product directories for their kitchen planning and customer service, the less impact we have on the natural environment.

Producing the printed version of the kitchen accessories catalogue uses around 260 tonnes of wood, some 4.6 million litres of water and about one million kilowatt hours of energy every year. Then there are the chemicals used to manufacture and bleach the paper. Naber customers who already work with the digital catalogue or would like to do so in future should cancel their print catalogue by phone or email – a small but important step towards environmental and climate protection.

Digital catalogue with new functions

Working with the digital instead of the printed product directory has practical advantages. Because Naber has equipped the digital catalogue with time-saving functions. Just like the printed catalogue, the browsable version can be viewed page by page. If the mouse is moved over an order number, an image window opens. It shows the item with product data and price. For example, the drip tray, which is listed as an accessory under a built-in sink. And a click on the item in the digital catalogue opens the webshop and shows the item there.

Kitchen retailers can of course integrate the new product data, which becomes valid with the catalogue update on 1 April 2024, into their merchandise management system and planning software. The data for the planning tools will be available from mid-March.

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