Cox® Box 275 S/800-4 Bio, light grey
The SELECTAkit Cox® Bio waste bin 275 S/800-4 complements the Cox® Box waste system, which is suitable for a multi-part front design. The practical built-in waste bin makes it easy to separate and collect recyclables and household waste. Four waste bins with a total capacity of 46 litres are used to store waste. Waste up to 7 litres can be collected in the two smaller bins, while the larger waste bins have a capacity of 16 litres each. The fixed metal lid and bio-lid seal the inner containers and minimise odours in the kitchen. The overall lid can be fitted behind the top front to save space. As the waste separation system is designed for mounting on existing pull-outs, installation is quick and easy. The anti-slip mat coated on both sides prevents the individual built-in bins from slipping.

For installation on existing pull-outs. With non-slip inlay mat, bio-lid and fixed complete lid.
— waste capacity 46 (2 x 16/2 x 7) liters
— bucket height 256 mm
total height 275 mm
The complete lid can be mounted behind the top front to save space.
suitable for Cox Work® utensils box

Article type:
Waste collection system
Cabinet width:
800 mm
light grey
Colour container lid:
light grey/green
Colour total cover:
400 mm
Existing pull-outs
Discontinued item:
275 mm
Lid type(s):
Complete lid
Material container:
Material lid:
More parts:
non-slip inlay mat
on existing pull-outs
Number of containers:
Opening technology:
full pull-out
Retractable total cover:
Total volume:
46 l
Volume/Content container:
Volume/content container 1:
16 l
Volume/content container 2:
16 l
Volume/content container 3:
7 l
Volume/content container 4:
7 l
800 mm


2 variations available
Closing-lid, light grey, for 13/ 16/ 22/ 28 liters
Product number: 8012342
  • Accessory
  • angular

Spare parts

2 variations available
Complete lid, silver
Product number: 8012347
  • Accessory
  • angular
2 variations available
Cox® system container, light grey, 7 liters
Product number: 8012491
  • Single bucket
  • angular
4 variations available
Anti-slide mat 2, up to 1200 mm cabinets, W 1100, D 480 mm, light grey
Product number: 8012353
  • Equipment for cabinets
  • Cabinet width: up to 1200 mm cabinet
  • cuttable
2 variations available
Bio-lid, light grey, for 4/ 6/ 7/ 10/ 12.5 liters
Product number: 8011312
  • Accessory
  • angular
2 variations available
Cox® system container, light grey, 16 liters
Product number: 8012490
  • Single bucket
  • angular


SELECTAkit® - more than just waste separation

Waste collectors that make you smile? You can't rule it out with SELECTAkit® from Naber. For perfect use of space, top quality and ingenious details are simply a joy to behold.


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