Calamaro LED Flex Stripes colour change, L 2600 mm, white
The Calamaro LED strip with colour changer is used to illuminate the kitchen plinth and provides pleasant ambient light in the kitchen. This rounds off the furnishings in style and effectively emphasises the floor. The LED light strip is cast in silicone, which gives it long-lasting and insensitive features. It is integrated into a profile and can be attached directly to the upper base. As a result, the light strip blends almost invisibly into the room concept. The LEDs shine in a colour spectrum ranging from warm white with 3,000 K to daylight white with 6,000 K. Their light output comprises 7.2 watts per metre at a maximum of 45 l. With its width of 4 x 10 mm, the light strip can be handled flexibly. Moreover, it can be shortened every 25 mm. A 200 cm supply cable on both sides facilitates installation. The scope of delivery includes three self-adhesive profile brackets of 90 cm each for uncomplicated installation. The LED strip light is compatible with the LIC system and can also be combined and controlled with converters and function modules from the series.

Flexible LED strips. Ambient light. LED cast in silicone. Easy installation directly on the base with 3 self-adhesive profile brackets of 900 mm each.

Flex Stripes
— 7.2 watts per meter, 12 VDC
— continuous control of the light colour from 3000 K warm white to 6000 K cold white
— max. 45 lumen/watt at 6000 K cold white
— strips 4 x 10 mm wide, may be shortened every 25 mm, no connection after the cutting point
— incl. 3 x self-adhesive plastic profile supports, 900 mm each
— 2000 mm two-sided supply line
— LIC LED system compatible
This product contains a light source of energy efficiency class G.

Note: We recommend 4 fastening clips (7061258) per meter!

More information about the LIC LED system

Article type:
LED stripe
Colour temperature:
3000 K warm white to 6000 K cold white
Colour temperature adjustable:
On both sides
4 mm
LED Stripe, ambient light
Discontinued item:
Energy efficiency class:
Illuminant included:
Illuminant type:
LIC system compatible:
2.600 mm
Length of the supply line (primary):
2.000 mm
Mains voltage:
for 12 VDC
Protection class:
Replaceable illuminant:
may be shortened every 25 mm
Transformer / converter required:
Yes, must be ordered separately
10 mm


6 variations available
6 variations available
FW function converter, module 2 (radio), 60 W, 6-way distributor
Product number: 7061273
  • 60 watts
  • radio
  • Luminaire slots: 6
6 variations available
FW function converter, module 2 (radio), 30 W, 6-way distributor
Product number: 7061271
  • 30 watts
  • radio
  • Luminaire slots: 6
Fixing clips, stainless steel
Product number: 7061258
  • Accessory
  • stainless steel
6 variations available
FW function converter, module 2 (radio), 15 W, 4-way distributor
Product number: 7061286
  • 15 watts
  • radio
  • Luminaire slots: 4
Distributor 6-fold, black
Product number: 7061244
  • Distributor
  • 200 mm
LED connection line, white, L 2000 mm
Product number: 7061049
  • with mini plug-in system
  • Connecting element
  • Length: 2.000 mm
6 variations available
6 variations available


Lighting design without compromise with LUMICA® LIC LED system!

Control light in a targeted manner. Ideally adjust brightness and light color. Call up complete lighting scenarios at the touch of a button, smartphone or voice control. Flexibly expand installations or adapt them to new furnishing situations.


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