Convenience and efficiency

Boiling hot water always immediately to hand, plus the option of chilled sparkling and still water straight from the tap. Multifunctional boiling water faucets like those from Quooker® are innovative kitchen solutions that take convenience and efficiency in the kitchen to a new level. This article illustrates their many advantages and provides tips for installing the Quooker® and waste collectors together in a base unit.

Instant access to 100 °C boiling water

Boiling water faucets such as the Quooker® provide instant access to 100 °C boiling water at all times. No more tedious waiting for the water to heat up in a boiler or kettle. That saves time and makes it easier to prepare hot drinks or cook and blanch vegetables.e.

Multiple benefits

Boiling water faucets not only deliver boiling water, but naturally also hot and cold water. Depending on the model, you can also choose to have chilled sparkling and still water - all from one tap and in drinking water quality. No more tiresome lugging of crates of water.

Energy efficiency

Boiling water faucets are extremely energy efficient. The water does not have to pass through a long pipe from the central heating system to the tap, cooling down again on its way. Thanks to a special vacuum insulation, the Quooker® has lower standby power consumption than conventional boilers.


Clever safety precautions on the Quooker® also prevent scalding. For example, the Quooker has a childproof operating ring as well as an insulated outlet and delivers a spray jet consisting of droplets.

Space-saving solution

Kettles and soda machines take up valuable space on the worktop. The Quooker® 3l and 7l reservoirs save space as they can be integrated directly into the sink cabinet together with a waste collector. For this, Naber has developed the Cox® Base Q (+). This clever combination with a front pull-out clearly and compactly organises the entire hose and cable management system.

The video:
Cox® Base Q+ premiere at the area30

At the area30 2023, Naber presented an impressive range of attractive kitchen accessory ideas. One highlight: Cox® Base Q+, the perfectly fitting storage space organiser for all Quooker reservoirs.

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Quooker® cleverly installed

Quooker® boiling water and cold water reservoirs can be fitted to the right or left of a 22-litre waste container or two 10-litre containers. The water tank stays securely in its place when the waste collectors are pulled out with the cabinet front. Optional extension hoses make it easy to set up and maintain the unit in front of the cabinet.

Modular configuration
to the right or left of a
Cox® waste collector
from Naber.

Simple installation

Thanks to the sophisticated storage solutions from Naber, Quooker® reservoirs can be neatly and tidily installed. This makes it easy to carry out subsequent repairs and maintenance.

Installation instructions


Perfect solutions from Naber
for Quooker® PRO 3 and CUBE

Cox® Base Q

Optimum use of storage space from Naber
for Quooker® COMBI/COMBI+ and CUBE

Cox® Base Q+

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