Stainless steel faucets with the utmost precision

Stainless steel faucets with exquisite design and the utmost precision. From Naber! Namor® faucets are manufactured to the highest quality in stainless steel and are particularly durable. All models fit into any kitchen architecture as an eye-catching design feature and bear the Naber logo.

Premium surface in two colours

The three different contemporary shapes are each available in brushed stainless steel or matt black with a high-quality powder coating.

A variety of models

The models Namor® 2, 4 and 6 have a pull-out shower head which can be set to jet/shower.
With their expressive top-lever design, Namor® 1 and 2 form an unmistakable, attractive highlight at the sink. The two models Namor® 3 and 4 entice with the discreet, gentle curve of their L-shaped outlets. With their distinctive sweeping contours, Namor® 5 and 6 create an exciting contrast to the linear structure of the sink.

Namor® 1, 3, 5
120° swivelling outlet

Namor® 2, 4, 6
120° swivelling, pull-out hose with shower head, adjustable flow (laminar/jet)

Flexible, safe, economical

Distinctive top lever design adds an unmistakable, attractive feature at the sink.

120° swivel range

The swivel range of 120° gives the Namor® faucets flexible scope for action in any sink. Convenient and quickly indispensable.

Laminar aerator

Standard feature of all Namor® faucets. The laminar aerator generates a soft, natural flow with a non-splashing, low-noise jet of water and low water consumption.

Ceramic cartridge

At the heart of the Namor® faucets are the precisely functioning quality cartridges. High-quality ceramic sealing discs ensure particularly smooth and precise mixing of cold and hot water. All cartridges are equipped with scald protection.

Extended functionality

Pull-out hose with shower head

The models Namor® 2, 4 and 6 have a pull-out shower head which can be set to jet/shower.

Namor® 2

Namor® 4

Namor® 6

Changing the water flow

Precise switching between laminar jet and shower. The spray jet provides for effective rinsing of vegetables, salad and fruit or pre-cleaning of dishes. The laminar jet easily reaches every corner of the sink for cleaning.

Ball joint

The smooth-running ball joint on the outlet provides flexibility and precise positioning of the water jet.

Simple installation

Click fastening and clip weight on the shower hose. Tool-free disengagement of the connection by push-button locking.

Quality & service

Namor® faucets are especially convincing in everyday use! Their persistently reliable functionality and precise yet supple operation make them a welcome companion for all activities at the sink.

Smooth-running ceramic cartridge with scald protection
Factory customer service
(Germany, Austria and the Netherlands)
5 years manufacturer’s warranty
(except wearing parts)
Cold-Start technology


Namor® kitchen faucets convince through technical precision and aesthetic perfection. The brochure clearly presents all the models and illustrates the many advantages of the faucet range in full stainless steel.


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