iMove set Single Tray, for 900 mm cabinet, W 862 mm
With the iMove-Set Single Tray lift fitting, you can even reach the utensils that are stored at the very top of the kitchen unit's wall cupboards. The clever pull-out system does away with the need to reach up or use stepladders. It can be conveniently operated with just one hand and elegantly moves the entire upper shelf level and its contents downwards and in front of the cabinet carcase. The system offers gentle lowering with soft stop and effortless lifting, including damping. The lift provides a generous storage surface with a load capacity of 8 kg. It can be selected for cabinets with a carcase width of 600 or 900 mm and can be retrofitted at any time. Sophisticated technology with integrated finger pinch protection and high-quality workmanship is used. No adjustment is required. Installation is carried out in the side walls of the wall unit. This is equally possible with wall thicknesses of 16 or 19 mm.

Lift fitting. Silver. Incl. fittings (1 drilling template, 8 wood screws 4.5 x 50 mm). Suitable for retrofitting.
— minimum cabinet height* (no upward limit)
— with hinged door: 520 mm
— with use of lift fittings: 650 mm
— suitable for 16 mm and 19 mm side walls
— load capacity up to 8 kg
— 380 x 267 mm (H x L)

*cabinet height depends on hinge position, hinge protrusion or lift fitting (see illustrations 1–4).

Article type:
Lift fitting
Cabinet width:
900 mm
Carrying capacity:
load capacity up to 8 kg
267 mm
For sidewall thickness:
16/19 mm
suitable for retrofitting
380 mm
Incl. mounting material:
incl. fittings (1 drilling template, 8 wood screws 4.5 x 50 mm)
Load capacity storage elements:
load capacity up to 8 kg
for hanging cabinets, no adjustment necessary
cabinet height depends on hinge position, hinge protrusion or lift fitting (see illustrations 1–4)
Number of floors:
Retrofitting possible:
Safety functions:
finger protection
Soft closing:
Storage elements can be swivelled in and out independently:
Suitable for:
suitable for hinged doors and lifting doors
862 mm


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