flow 150 flat duct set 2, white
The COMPAIR® flow 150 flat duct set-2 scores with extensive features and enables the installation of an efficient ventilation system in the kitchen. Three flat duct pipes, each 1000 mm long, form the basis. They are connected as required with the aid of two connecting sleeves. The 90° degree pipe bend is used for a change of direction on the horizontal plane. The deflection pipe is used for connecting a 150 mm diameter bonnet. The end piece, which is also part of the set, forms the transition from flat to round at the wall duct. System parts and hoses of the ventilation duct are connected securely and permanently by the N-KLEB PVC adhesive tape.

With guide vanes.

Set consisting of:
— 3 x 1000 mm flat duct pipe (4043001)
— 1 x deflector with 1000 mm round pipe (4043013)
— 1 x pipe bend 90°, horizontal (4043003)
— 2 x connecting sleeve (4043005)
— 1 x end piece/transition piece (4043006)
— 1 x N-KLEB (4021128)

Article type:
Connecting element
Connection diameter:
150 mm
Plug-in system for subsequent gluing
Output drive:
System dimension:

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