Wireless temperature sensor, white
The COMPAIR® radio temperature sensor is a useful addition to extract air control if an oven or fireplace is in use next to the cooker bonnet. In combination with the radio window contact switch, the sensor provides more safety when the windows are closed. The measuring device monitors the operating status of the stove or fireplace. A temperature range of -50 to 500 °C is recorded. If the fireplace is not in operation, the extractor bonnet also works when the window is closed. If they are fired and the flue gas temperature exceeds the maximum value, the extractor bonnet is not supplied with power. This ensures that no toxic gases enter the room through the ventilation system when the windows are closed. It can only be put back into operation when the window is opened. The temperature sensor has a length of 100 mm, the sensor cable with a length of 2,000 mm can withstand temperatures up to 450 °C. The radio exhaust air control is suitable for use in dry and closed rooms.

The wireless temperature sensor is integrated into the radio system of the window contact switch. Here, the temperature of the operating state of the fireplace is monitored. The window only needs to be opened with the fireplace in operation while the hood is active. Thus, the strict coupling of the active hood and open window is not necessary. The temperature sensor is suitable for installation in closed and dry living areas.
— model PT 1000
— Ø 5 mm
— length 100 mm
— temperature range -50–500 °C
— sensor cable 2000 mm, up to 450 °C
— the wireless temperature sensor (7051005) can be combined with the wireless switch 7051001 or 7051002

Article type:
Exhaust air accessorie
5 mm
Discontinued item:
model PT 1000
100 mm
Outer diameter:
150 mm
Sensor cable length:
2.000 mm
Temperature application range:
–50 °C to +500 °C


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