Stove connecting box WAGO clamps, white
The square Montec® cooker junction box is used to safely cover the power connection on the wall. The white appliance connection box is equipped with high-quality Wago® terminals that enable a safe and screwless connection of rigid and flexible conductors via release levers. Cables up to 6 mm cross-section can be connected here. The junction box also provides a double cable outlet in the sizes 5 x 2 mm² and 3 x 4 mm². A swivelling strain relief is integrated to prevent the cables from being pulled out. The junction box has a flat, 12 mm deep snap-on lid. The junction box is designed for surface or flush mounting. It is suitable for a 55 mm diameter wall box. The cooker connection box is designed for a nominal current of 16 amps and a nominal voltage of 400 volts. The cable entry is either from above or below thanks to the rotatable cover.

For surface and flush mounting.
— 16 A/V400 V
— screwless clamping points up to 6 mm²
— for 55 mm wall box, H 12 mm
— swivelling strain relief
— double cable outlet (5 x 2 mm², 3 x 4 mm²)
— with snap-on lid

Article type:
Cooker cable
Discontinued item:
12 mm


Little things make big differences

With the MONTEC® range, Naber supplies all the relevant standard components – from the set for the sink connection to the kitchen connection box, which considerably simplifies the electrical installation of multiple large appliances.


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