Stainless steel system care
The stainless steel system care gives stainless steel sinks a silky-matt glossy surface and ensures greater durability. To achieve optimum results, the care product should be used regularly. When cleaning, it is important not to work on the surface against the direction of the grinding.

Our stainless steel sinks with high-gloss surface are manufactured with great care and using state-of-the-art manufacturing and processing technology. The stainless steel applied for this is subject to strict quality control and ensures a constant high quality level of the sinks.
The material properties of stainless steel 18/10 – according to the current state of the art – exclude absolute scratch-proofing. Therefore, the occurrence of small scratches is normal. Only after regular care using the recommended stainless steel system care, will you achieve a semi gloss surface after about 2–4 weeks.

When cleaning, make sure that the stainless steel surface is not processed against the grain!

Article type:
Cleaning agent
Field of use & application:
For stainless steel
When cleaning, make sure that the stainless steel surface is not processed against the grain!
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