Radio remote control, aluminium coloured
With the radio remote control, lights, power supplies and transformers in the kitchen can be switched conveniently and easily. It consists of a transmitter and a receiver with a 2000 mm mains cable and a Euro flat plug. To save time and effort, the transmitter can control several receivers simultaneously. The lighting control unit has various functions and allows the brightness and colour temperature of the lighting to be adjusted - so that a lighting atmosphere can be created according to personal preferences. The control unit is suitable as a surface-mounted or recessed remote control. The transmitter achieves a high range of 10 m.

For switching transformers, power supply units and lights. Suitable as a surface-mounted or built-in remote control.
— transmitter for installation with 10 m range
— 1 transmitter can control several receivers
— 1 receiver can be controlled by up to 3 transmitters at a time
— receiver with 2000 mm mains connection line with flat Euro plug
— 2000 mm connecting line with Euro coupling white
— remote control aluminium coloured, receiver white
— voltage 230–240 VAC, current 6A/1400 VA
— drill Ø 35 mm

Article type:
Remote control
aluminium coloured
Drilling diameter:
35 mm
13,25 mm
32 mm
Length of the supply line (primary):
2.000 mm
Length secondary line/switch line:
2.000 mm
Mains voltage:
230–240 VAC
More parts:
1 receiver
installation, surface mounting
Multiple radio remote controls possible:
Plug type:
Flat plug
Transmitter range:
10.000 mm
Type of secondary line/switch line:
with Euro coupling
32 mm


Additional receiver for radio remote control
Product number: 7051097
  • Remote control
  • radio

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