Klima-E flow 150 wall conduct, white, stainless steel
The COMPAIR® Klima-E flow 150 wall box is used to connect the exhaust air duct and efficiently guides the exhaust air from the kitchen through the wall. It is part of the COMPAIR® flow air duct system, which is characterised by high air performance and low operating noise. The integrated baffle technology smoothes the vapours in the duct and guides them to the outside with low pressure losses. The exhaust air wall box is equipped with a rectangular mounting with dimensions of 227 x 94 mm for a flat duct connection. The telescopic pipe allows the length of the duct to be individually adjusted from 420-620 mm depending on the wall thickness. If necessary, the pipe can be shortened to a maximum length of 210 mm. The standard pipe diameter is 150 mm, which provides for a wall opening of approx. 155 mm. To prevent air from outside from entering the kitchen through the pipe, the wall duct has a backflow flap. Additional protection against the weather is provided by the external louvre, which forms the outer closure. The high-quality stainless steel slat design is particularly robust and durable.

Stainless-steel external blind with backpressure shutter.
With rectangular connector for COMPAIR® flow 150.
— tube connector 227 x 94 mm
— connector depth 80 mm
— installation depth 420–620 mm, can be shortened to 210 mm
— wall penetration Ø about 155 mm

Article type:
Wall sleeve
stainless steel/white
Connection diameter:
150 mm
Installation depth:
420–620 mm
stainless steel
installation in the wall
Output drive:
can be shortened
can be shortened to 210 mm
Support depth:
80 mm
System dimension:


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