KDA 150 condensing water separator, light grey
The round COMPAIR® KDA 150 condensation water separator prevents condensation water from running back into the kitchen extractor bonnet. It is used in particular with vertical exhaust air ducting. Sharp-edged flow separation edges ensure optimisation of the air flow. The conical design allows exhaust hoses or pipes with a cross-section of 125 or 150 mm to be connected on both sides. If necessary, the 125 mm section can be cut off at the cutting line. The condensate drain is made of robust plastic.

Prevents return flow of condensing water to the hood in case of vertical waste air routing. Flow-optimised design by avoiding sharp edges that stall the flow. Two-sided connection of hoses and pipes to Ø 125 mm and Ø 150 mm possible. When connected to Ø 150 mm, the Ø-125 section has to be separated at the cutting line provided.

Article type:
Connecting element
light grey
239,5 mm


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