Gliera EHV 2, incl. base plate 750 x 550 mm
Coated in stainless steel colour, the Gliera EHV 2 table frame exudes modern elegance with a cool touch. It is a two-pillar table frame with a stabilising base plate. Technically, it convinces with an integrated height adjustment that works electrically. In the twinkling of an eye, the dining table is converted into a standing table to suit the respective situations in the kitchen. The control element is included in the scope of delivery. When choosing the table top in the preferred look, the maximum possible dimensions are 1400 x 800 mm. For even more convenience, the EHV-M control element is available as an accessory, with which three preset heights can be saved. For wireless operation, the battery box that matches the metal frame is recommended.

Height adjustable, single-column table frame with base plate. Incl. operating element for height adjustment.
— pipe 70 x 70 mm
— stainless steel coloured coated
— lifting capacity 50 kg
— infinite electrically-driven height adjustment from 550 to 1210 mm
— 3000 mm mains connection line
— table top for 3033001 max. 800 x 800 mm
— table top for 3033002 max. 1000 x 1000 mm
— table top not included in scope of delivery
— optional battery box (ordered separately)

By using the rechargeable battery box with 3000 mm mains connection line, height adjustment is also possible without permanent power supply.

Article type:
Table frame
continuously variable
stainless steel coloured coated
Column/tube shape:
Dimensions column/tube:
70 x 70 mm
Dimensions profile foot/floor plate:
750 x 550 mm
Frame type:
Table frame
550 - 1.210 mm
Height compensation:
incl. operating element for height adjustment
Height without APL:
550 - 1.210 mm
Length of the supply line (primary):
3.000 mm
Lifting force:
100 kg
Max. Dimensions for table top:
1400 x 800 mm
optional battery box (ordered separately), table top not included in scope of delivery
Number of columns/pipes:
Preparation for:
APL plate
Suitable for:
freestanding tables
Type of height adjustment:
With mounting plate:


Control element EHV-M, black
Product number: 3033004
  • Accessory

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