Fascia Flex cross connector RGB, white
With the RGB cross connector, light strips from the Fascia Flex LED strip series can be flexibly installed. The connector is a versatile accessory for ambient lighting in the kitchen. It allows the LED strip to be branched off in four different directions. In this way, several wall units or display cabinet compartments can be illuminated at the same time. The compact connector has a 4-pole connection system for RGB colours. It provides a plug-in male connector and a female connector on both sides. The cross-shaped arrangement at a 90° angle results in one access and three outlets. The high-quality LED adapter is suitable for light strips with a width of 10 mm and has a grid dimension of 2.54 mm. It can be combined with RGB LED strips in different lengths, which are available separately. The adapter can be mounted without tools by plugging it together.

Flexible connector.

Flex cross connector
— plug-in system 4-pin, 1 x multi-pin connector plugged on, double-sided jack strip
— strips 10 mm wide
— grid dimension 2.54 mm
— 1 access and 3 outlets
— without LED

Article type:
Connection line/element
Grid dimension:
2,54 mm
30 mm
30 mm

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